Short Stories_(0)

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Short Stories I & II


It's always nice to recall our sexual activities especially our first sexual interaction with special friends.

We are very much novices at sexual activity between couples or singles. Being involved in the nudist movement for some time, we must keep in mind that nudism is not meant to be sexual but just a relaxing way for adults who enjoy being nude.

We have a very nice private backyard and enjoy having the members of our club visit for fun in the sun, playing various games and participating casual conversation. These events include birthday parties or parties to celebrate Halloween, Valentines Day, etc. Our friends especially enjoyed our Halloween parties where I would construct a very sexually orientated “spook house”.

We were just getting to know X&Y and began spending many times together at various nudist events. It was at one of our backyard parties that things began to move in a direction that resulted in a very exciting turn of events, then and into the future.

We had their favorite beverages in hand and all our other guests had left for the night. X,Y and we continued to enjoy the very pleasant evening in our in-ground hot tub. X left the hot tub to do something and Y, my lady and I decided that we needed our drinks refreshed. I volunteered to do so.

When I returned to the hot tub, I noticed that my lady had gotten quite chummy with X, my lady sitting on X's lap. No problem - so I decide to get back in the hot tub, to continue enjoy the pleasant hot water. I immediately realized that something more than just a cozy embrace was occurring. I slid over to my lady, placed my hand on her leg and slid my hand up her leg. I hand arrive at her crotch where I discovered a rather large cock imbedded to its hilt in her pussy. Interesting !!! My lady was obviously enjoying this very nice cock and this very nice cock was obviously enjoy her pussy as she and he both moaned softly. It was also now obvious that both Y and my lady were about to cum or had already cum.

This was very unique behavior for my lady as we had never strayed before. HOWEVER ….... this event was one of the best events in our married life, resulting in many new very enjoyable such event in the future. We began a long sexually rewarding relationship with X&Y which continued for many years.


One of our favorite memories and one of our earliest sexual excursions (a relationship that continues today) was the relationship with a than single man we will call Q.

Q was and still is very much part of our lives, sexually and other wise. He is a very large man, quite tall and uniquely built – he possesses an gigantic cock. The largest cock we had or have ever seen since.

As nudists, we had seen his cock many times; in a swimming pool, around a camp fire but never fully erect. In it's flaccid state it quite pleasant looking uncircumcised penis. Because of his joyful manner and fun being , we decided to invite Q over to our home for dinner and a soak in our hot tub. It is not unusual for nudist to massage one another and so we asked Q if he would like a massage. He agreed.

We laid him on a towel on his stomach on our carpeted living room floor with my lady at his head and me at his feet. From there we proceeded to give him a pleasant massage, pleasant to him and also pleasant to us. We proceeded in the normal manner, both my lady and I slowly working our hands over his large frame both of us working toward the center of his body. Once arriving there, we'd had him roll over onto his back so that we could proceed to massage the front of his body, again from his head to middle of his body and from his toes to the same destination.

I immediately noticed a very wonderful and unique happening – Q's cock was growing, in fact, it was becoming unusually large. In fact it continued to grow and grow, getting larger and larger. My attention as to what I was supposed to be doing waned and I immediately focused on his still growing cock. It was beautiful and I could not resist reaching up and taking hold of what was becoming a magnificent, unusually huge cock. I stroked it up and down as it continued to get larger. About this time, my lady, still progressing toward Q's middle, noticed me massaging Q's cock. By this time his cock had become enormous. Not only long – 8 to 9 inches long but also very wide – a good 2.5 inches.

My lady was mesmerized. She starred at Q's cock and slowly reached over to touch it, running her massage oil cover hand up and down his gorgeous unbelievably huge cock. It being very smooth and rock hard, she could not resist continuing to hold his gorgeous huge cock. Losing all her resistance and being totally over come by the unbelievable immensity of his cock, she took hold of his cock, throw her leg over his body and immediately positioned his enormous cock at her vaginal opening. She could hardly get her fingers all the way around his huge cock but was able to hold it firm enough to slide it up and down her uvula and her clitoris to the point where she lost all resistance and slowly lowered her body, impaling herself such that the head of his very large cock entered her pussy. Her eyes glassed over as she continued to lower herself onto his gigantic cock. Slowly, ever so slowly her pussy stretched and stretched until she was totally impaled, all 8-9 inches !!!!! This was the largest cock she had or has ever had in her pussy. It completely filling her pussy and penetrating to depths of her pussy no other cock had ever reached. She lay there, totally impaled, allowing her pussy to adjust to the size of his majestic cock, a look of total satisfaction on her face.

She sat there for some time savoring and adjusting to Q's immense size. Slowly, ever so slowly, she began to move up and down, moving all the way up to the tip of Q's cock than slowly sliding back down its total length. Q also slowly moving his majestic all the way in and back out of her unusually stretched vagina. Again and again, the entire length of this unusual cock would appear and than disappear, her pussy fully en-gulping Q's magnificent huge
cock. This continued for quite some time with Q now thrusting upward, meeting my lady's downward motion, my lady having one orgasm after another never having been so sexually satisfied.

Q fought to holding back his orgasm, reached up, grasped my lady, immediately raising her, his cock still totally imbedded in my lady's swollen pussy, flipping her softly onto her back. His huge pussy juiced covered cock momentarily slipped from her widely stretch still open pussy. Once my lady was settled comfortably on her back, Q slammed his still rock hard huge cock back into my lady's pussy, again reaching her pussy's very bottom. She responds by raising her hips to assist Q, immediately tightened her pussy around the head of Q's cock. Q feeling her pussy milking his gigantic cock, immediately reached an orgasm. He filled her pussy with his warm creamy cum time and time again. His cum lubricating her pussy allowing his enormous cock to continue to slide easily in and out of her drenched pussy. She loves the feel of his cum in her pussy and immediately has another enormous orgasm. Q response with another gush of cum, his cum and her large quantity of pussy juice, oozing out of her pussy, down the crack of her ass onto the towel. Q's slowly deflating cock stays in my lady's swollen pussy, her pussy pulsing, garbing hold of Q's cock, trying to keep this magnificent organ from slipping out of her. But it to finally slips out of her pussy dropping onto the now cum covered towel. Q's cock still glistens with the combination of his cum and her pussy juices.

This was the first of many, many encounters between my lady's pussy and Q's magnificent cock !!!!


Wow, was she horny tonight. We were laying in bed talking about you and she reached over and started playing with my dick whispering in my ear saying how much she wanted your giant cock, deep, deep in her pussy. So I invited you over.

But first, I thought that I'd better get her warmed up so I started to play with her already very wet pussy. She rolled over on her back, spread her legs wide enough so I could massage her clit, her vaginal opening and her swollen labia, all the time she imagining that you were in bed with us, she between you and I and that you were the one playing with her pussy. She kept saying - “Please Q, let me suck your cock. I want to get your cock rock hard and very, very long and wide. I want to have you slide your gigantic cock into my pulsing pussy”.

She started sucking on your gorgeous cock, it being so soft and its head still covered with its soft foreskin. She sucks and sucks as your cock gets harder and harder, longer and longer, wider and wider. She at the same time has moved so that you can lick her pussy, making it wetter and wetter, and her vaginal opening slowly opening wider and wider.

She straddles your head and pushes her pussy lips hard on your face pleading with you to make her cum but not until you have pushed your huge hard cock deep as it will go into her flaming pussy. You agree and flip her on her back, slide her buttocks to the edge of the bed, placing her legs on your shoulders.
Your huge cock is perfectly positioned to drive into her widely dilated vaginal opening.

You move your hips and the head of you huge cock spreads her pussy opening even wider. She raises her hips to meet your huge hard cock as it slides deeper and deeper into her very, very wet pussy. You push and push, your magnificent cock going deeper and deeper, all the way to the bottom of her inflamed pussy, your gigantic cock pressing against the bottom of her pussy where her cervix used to be. No cervix, no uterus just warm, moist pussy !!! A pussy waiting to be filled with warm, creamy cum.

You both lay quietly, both her pussy and your huge cock pulsing. Pulsing and waiting for those final lunges, she cumming and cumming and you pumping load after load of warm, creamy cum deep in her pussy, making her pussy wonderfully slippery.

The moment is now. Q moves in and out charging his gorgeous cock for his pending eruption and she meets each of his lunges with with raised hips, hoping for more and more cock to fill her already filled pussy.

One last lunge and Q's cum flows and flows from the end of his still rock hard, very, very long and very, very wide cock. She holds onto Q's hips, keeping his cock deep and tight against her pussy lips not wanting to loose any of his warm cum, not just yet any ways.

The warmth of the moment slowly wains, their breathing slows and Q slowly withdraws his wilting still gorgeous cock from her saturated, now overflowing wide open pussy, their combined cum/pussy juices making a large puddle on the massage table.

What a marvelous, loving process. One of life's most precious events which will hopefully occur over and over again and should be enjoyed frequently.

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000