Erotic Proclivities 04 - Winter Dress Up

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"Hello, come in out of the cold. Can I assist you?" I greeted the woman warmly as she came into the shop. It was very cold this winter's afternoon, down in the single digits. I was surprised to see anyone out on such a day.

A very attractive mom, probably in her early forties, was looking to get her fifteen year old son a blazer, or a jacket. Since this was during a weekday afternoon, the young lad in question was in school and not with his mother. Since he was not present I naturally asked all the probative questions…height, weight, small, medium, large. When I inquired about his general size, she said “well he’s about my size.”

Well I need no ton of bricks to fall on my head, and I ran an appreciative eye over her. She was wearing tight faded jeans, Levis, with mid-calf brown leather boots. On top she had on a couple of layers to ward off the cold, so we would need to do a bit of striping to see what I was working with size-wise.

"In that case then, let's get a good look at you, and not just those nice blue eyes of yours," I said handing her a hanger for her black nylon puffy coat.

"It will be good to get out of this coat, it’s just so cold outside,"

"Yes, a good freeze we're getting out there," I agreed, taking her coat and hanging it up. "Very few people braving the temps, you’re the only customer in today." I handed her another hanger for the bulky gray button down sweater she was wrapped in.

"One more layer to get a good look at you,"

"Better?" She asked handing me the sweater.

"Much better," I said taking her in. She stood there in a plain white t-shirt. Her shoulder length blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and pale smile, could do with a little ‘dress-up’.

Watching closely the nice curve of her breasts, I let my eyes wander down her cotton covered abs to where her shirt was tucked into her jeans. I had her turn around again while I uttered the usual ‘hmm’… and let a covetous eye roam her denimed cheeks. ‘Very nicely toned’ I noted to myself, but duty calls.

I took down a black, slim fit, jacket in a size 38 regular. I came up behind her and as she brought her arms behind her, I helped her on with this selection. Turning her around I buttoned the top button and had her take a look in the mirror. She had a bit of a smile, and she looked alright, but the jacket was too large. It did nothing for her shape. At this point I don’t think there was much hiding my enjoyment of the pleasure of her company. She flirted in a subtle way with a smile and the look in her eye.

I slipped the 36 short on her and brought it up to her shoulders. Buttoning the top button, I turned her towards the mirror. The jacket fit perfectly. Her breasts caused a bulge in the lapels. I was unconcerned because “most 15 year old boys don’t have a lovely set of breasts.” I told her. She had a soft laugh. I remarked that the jacket flattered her much more than I could, when her son grew out of it, she should take it for herself. Then, I leaned in to inform her that she should shop in the men’s wear store more often.

She stood there on the raised platform on the dressing room checking herself in the three way mirror. We both admired her in the mirror. The jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and boots, I told her she looked great because she did. I was standing right behind her but not on the platform. I brought her hair out from under the collar of the jacket. As I did so, she turned around and planted one long warm kiss right on my lips.

Returning her kiss, I wrapped my arms around her. She let the jacket fall from her shoulders and I moved my hands to her hips. She started loosening my tie and then she deftly undid my shirt buttons.

I grabbed the bottom of her tee shirt and lifted it off her as she was undoing my belt. Her 36 inch chest looked nice in the black lace bra she wore. I gave her a long kiss as my nimble fingers made quick work at undoing the front clasp of the bra. She retuned my kiss as she stepped towards me, her breasts warmed my chest.

She undid my trousers and wrapped her long fingers around my swollen shaft. Her lips left mine as she stepped back and dropped to her knees. She started slowly, planting kisses along my cock before working her tongue in swirls around the head. Working me up, getting me harder, she took my cock in her soft wet mouth.

Her hands were busy massaging the growing ache in my balls. Her nails worked magic along the underside of my shaft as her tongue went back to teasing the head. She was definitely taking her time, savoring the moment. I ran my hands through her hair, enjoying the sensations she created. I started thrusting as her mouth moved up and down my shaft.

I continued fucking her mouth as she moaned softly. Her mind seemed singularly focused on bringing me to the crest of climax, and then holding off. She was doing an exquisite oral . I groaned and grunted through it, loving every minute of her velvet tongue and silken lips on my stiff as steel cock.

She amazed me next be taking the entire length of my cock right down to the base. I felt my head reaching her throat. I’ve never experienced a sensation quite like it. She had me perfectly balanced between cumming and agony. In a few more moments, the scale tipped towards cumming and I felt my release spew into her waiting mouth.

As she stood up I desired to return the favor. Taking her jeans off of her and slowly removing her soaked panties, I turned her round and she sat down on the padded seat. I knelt between her soft legs and slowly spread those legs wide. I started running my hands along her thighs. She closed her eyes as I buried my face in her warm wet pussy. Her hair was trimmed short and shaved in the shape of a heart.

Her scent was sweet and musky. I inhaled her deeply as I set my tongue to working around her labia. Teasing it slowly. Working my tongue around in circles, I was letting her work up her passion slowly. I was taking my time with the treat before me.

She was moist, then damp, then wet, as I worked my tongue around her clit. I was twirling around it, teasing it. One of her hands was buried in my hair keeping my head in place, her other hand was teasing her nipples taught and she moaned and groaned and raised her hips to push her pussy right against my hungry mouth. Plunging my tongue deep within her, then bringing it back to assault her clit, as she shook her head from side to side. I could feel her climax coming, her passion cresting. Heat radiated through her as she was riding a wave of ecstasy.

My hands spread her thighs wide as she planted her feet on my shoulders. She was flying high and crying out her climax coming near as I continued teasing her pussy. Then, letting my fingers spread her lips as I wrapped my tongue around her clit, I could feel it swell. I brought my lips round her clit and gave it a gentle sucking. The explosion within her lifted her off the bench as she tightened her grip around me. Her orgasm raced through her like lightning. It washed over her releasing her pent up tension.

She leaned towards me, kissing me deeply. Her hand started stroking my shaft back to attention. Her well-manicured fingers slowly gliding thier way up and down the length soon had it hard and ready.

I turned her around and with her kneeling in front of the bench, I came at her from behind. Placing my swollen head against her hot, wet, labia, she groaned as I pushed into her. I felt her pussy wrap around my shaft like moist velvet. She was soft, smooth, warm, and moaning as I pumped in and out.

Her ass was twitching as I held her hips and worked my hips slow and steady. She was working herself up, breathing heavy and I felt her hand playing with her clit as I continued moving quicker. She was getting wetter and more worked up, moaning and grinding her ass into me. She was riding a wave of pleasure washing through her head.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound of her gasps. It only took a few moments before her pussy started its rhythmic contractions. I could feel her starting to orgasm. The sensations being channeled through her pussy brought me closer to my climax.

The pleasure racing through her started causing her to moan in pleasure. Then I felt her pussy tighten around me and she cried out as the orgasm exploded with her. The sensations pushed me over the edge and my own cumming could not be stopped. I erupted with a forceful thrust deep into her.

We brought our lips together. I held her close. Feeling her heart racing, then slowing. I could feel her calming and settling in my arms. We sat there just a while enjoying the moment.

Her alarm interrupted and it was time for her to go. As I recall, she had a son to pick up from somewhere or other.

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000