Erotic Proclivities 03 - Autumn Encounter

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"Does this look alright for court?" She asked me.

My mind was elsewhere I suppose. I had noticed her. I couldn't help but notice this beauty approaching. My mind however, had wandered somewhere and her query snapped me back to the here and now.

One of the reasons that makes autumn a wonderful season is women dressed like she was dressed. I do find it appealing, shapely young women outfitted in semi-tight fit sweaters, form fitted slacks, fall blazers. Attired perfectly for a stroll through the leaves, or coffee at an outdoor café, or in the case of this lovely young woman, heading off to court. I think of all sorts of possible things to do together.

"You look perfect for anywhere," I replied, hoping that I didn't sound too awestruck.

She appeared out of nowhere. The attractive young lady was next to me when she posed her fashion question. I suppose that she saw me as a good candidate to ask about the appropriateness of attire. I was dressed in my customary black sacks and shoes, with a pressed, white, French-cuff shirt with gold scrimshaw cufflinks. With this I wore a red paisley bow tie and black waistcoat. I completed my outfit with a brown hound’s-tooth tweed jacket. I was a bit more casual than I usually dressed but I was simply heading to the court complex as my friend, the Honorable John Wilson, invited me for lunch.

But there she was looking at me with brown inquisitive eyes and a smile on her light red lips. A lovely lady in her mid-twenties with a soft smooth face framed by auburn locks. She was standing next to me, about five foot five, five foot seven in the heels she had on. I took an appreciative look at her and I was impressed at her understated beauty. I certainly thought her appropriate for court.

She wore grey wool slacks over her long legs. They showed the curve of her hips beautifully. They molded perfectly to the upper curves of her bottom too. The slacks cascaded down tapering as they went and accented the curve of the back of her thighs and calves before ending at her black pumps. She also wore a powder blue sweater, soft and luxurious, with a cashmere feel. The neck was low enough to hint at the cleavage further down, and high enough to be modest by most social standards. The soft material that dd over her breasts accented the firm roundness of her c cups. The bottom of her sweater was snug against her slim waist and hugged the slight curve of her hips.

She certainly had an eye for picking an outfit that flattered her curves while maintaining the air of propriety. Over her arm she held a light beige camel’s hair blazer. I told her to put it on. She moved with such smooth grace. She slipped it on, and ran her hands through her shoulder length hair. The blazer was tailored perfectly both framing her top, without losing the curve of her hips. The look was outstanding.

"Turn around my dear," I told her.

She complied and slowly gave me the full three hundred sixty degree view. By this time she might have known she was putting on a bit of a show for me. I leaned in as she finished turning around and whispered in her ear "you look simply delicious."

"Perhaps you’ll have me for lunch," she teased.

"Have you even had a private tour of a judge's chambers?" I inquired.

"I can't say that I have," she replied.

Knowing that Judge Crawford was out on leave for two weeks, and that his clerk always had coffee in the shop downstairs at about this time, I led her to his office. It has a spacious outer office where the clerk worked and behind the large unlocked office door was Crawford's private office. The perfect place to give my new young friend a view from the windows overlooking the park.

We didn't quite make it as far as the windows. As soon as we entered and I closed the door she was in my arms. She kissed me with a sudden passion. I eagerly returned her kiss and we were consumed with excitement.

I stripped off her sweater and black lace bra. Her firm breasts felt soft and warm as I worked my hands over them. Her nipples responded quickly to my touch. I could feel her getting warmer and flush. I brought my lips down kissing her large brown areolas. My tongue twirled around her taut nipples and she started kicking off her shoes and slacks.

I stood back watching her, admiring those beautiful, long legs. I took off my shirt and tie. She came over and stripped me of my pants. As a burst of energy surged within me, I did not hold back. I lifted her up and placed her firmly on the desk. She spread her legs wide and her slender hand around my cock guided me to her warm and waiting pussy.

She let out a gasp as I entered her. She was wet and ready to receive so I eased myself into her to my full extent. I felt her soft pussy pulling me in further.

She kissed me warmly, then playfully bit my lower lip. As I started thrusting in and out she worked her way from 'ohs' and 'ahs' to a chorus of 'harder, faster, and deeper’ as she encouraged me on like a stallion.

Her breasts bounced up and down as she arched her back. I could feel myself growing even harder within her. She was heating up, her hot lust radiated off her body. Several minutes of thrusting and her hips started bucking and I could feel my climax coming quickly. She was right on the edge of her own growing orgasm. She moaned loudly as a wave a pleasure surged through her. Feeling her pussy tighten like a vice I felt her orgasm. Her pussy constricted around my cock and my own climax exploded deep within her.

Gasping for air I held her close against me. I felt her heart racing. She looked up at me with dreamy, damp eyes and I kissed her warmly with gentle, appreciative lips.

She stood up, off the desk and pushed me back. I landed on the sofa. She had this wicked grin on her face as she licked her lips and told me the fun was just starting. Then she knelt down in front of me, grabbed my cock in her slender hand, and my erection returned.

Her tongue started working around the swelling head as she slowly started working more of me past her soft, moist lips. Sliding further down my shaft, she soon had my whole length engulfed in that sweet, sucking mouth of hers.

She was working her magic on my stiffening cock. I was feeling it growing huge. As I sat back and moaned I ran my hands through that lush mane of hair of hers. Her lips kissing then engulfing my cock, her hands massaging my balls, I felt another climax coming on strong. As she worked the tip of my cock with her tongue I waited, holding off, letting it build.

"Oh my god, I'm cumming..." It was all I could do to hold off, then I exploded in a welcomed release. The aching in my balls was just as quickly relieved. As I ran my hands through her thick, auburn hair, I felt my energy recovering. "That was spectacular!"

She looked up at me with those doe eyes, a smile of accomplishment on her face. "Consider it a granting of two wishes. Would you have a third?" She asked.

"As a matter of fact...” I said as we both stood. I spun her around and sat her on the sofa. "I wish that you would spread those long legs wide young lady."

It was my turn to kneel, and working my hands up her thighs, I brought my face in close to her trimmed bush. I took my time. Inhaling her like a fine wine, savoring the moment. Letting her feel my warm breath on her hot, wet labia. My hands continuing to stroke her soft thighs. She let out a sigh as she raised her hips and settled herself on the sofa.

I began by softly planting kisses on her moist pussy. Then warmed her up circling my tongue around her pussy lips. I could taste her juices flowing. As my tongue began its probing, teasing her swollen clit, she moaned her encouragement. She started lifting her hips me deeper into her. She was moaning a bit louder as her head swung side to side.

“Hmmm yes,” she murmured, letting herself be swept along as my tongue continued within her. “Oh, oh… OH!” She came suddenly, wrapping those long legs around me and pinning me to her.

We spent a moment recovering. She looked as spectacular out of those slacks, sweater, and blazer as she did wearing them. She was simply stunning, glowing contently. We lay there a moment, languidly soaking up the late morning sun. Then I showed her that view of the park outside the windows.

"So, what brings you out to the courts today?" I finally got around to asking.

"My Uncle, the Honorable Judge Wilson, invited me for lunch today."

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000