Dear Diary 2

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Dear Diary 2 ..........

Arrived at the office after a routinely dull weekend to find a certain lady not at her desk and remembered that she had told me on Friday that she had taken the week off to attend to some personal matters. Felt a bit pissed off when she mentioned this because I'd been looking forward to some diversions this week. Needn't have worried because she phoned late morning and suggested lunch. Unfortunately by then I'd arranged some visits but said I'd be over at about 4 if that was OK.

It was OK and so just before 4, I was knocking on her door. She called out to find out who was there and then told me to come in and come upstairs. What a sight! She was lying on the bed wearing a short navy blue pleated skirt which was pulled up round her waist, a white cotton shirt with several buttons undone and a blue and red striped school tie. She didn't seem to have a bra on under her shirt but I didn't have much time to look at the top half. What I couldn't look away from was her lower half activities. She was wearing black hold ups and white knickers which were just below her knees and at full stretch over her strained apart thighs. Her head was thrown back and her eyes shut tight as she furiously rubbed her clit with her right forefinger.

She gasped as she saw me standing in the doorway and tried to cover her cunt with her hands.
'I'm sorry Sir' she cried, 'I just got carried away fantasing about you ........ please don't cane me!'

As she saw my look of total astonishment at this outburst, she added ' I know you said I'd get the cane if I played with myself again .. but I couldn't stop myself ......... Oh Sir, please don't cane me in the classroom in the next room'

I wondered what the hell she was talking about and thought the only way to find out was to take a look in the room next door which had been a spare bedroom and store room the last time I'd seen it. Not any more! She'd obviously had a busy weekend in there. The original furniture including the single bed had gone and in it's place was an office desk and chair and an old style school desk ......... one of those with a sloping lid, a ceramic ink pot let into the top and an attached bench seat. Lying casually on top of the office desk were a leather soled slipper, a long crook handled school cane and my leather tawse which I'd left behind for future use after my last visit.

I strolled back into the master bedroom and roughly grabbed her arm and hauled her off the bed and dragged her into the 'classroom'. I told her to stand in front of the desk and I went round and sat on the chair and looked at her. She still had her knickers at 'half mast'. I lectured her about the terrors of masturbation (while all the time having a massive erection myself and really wanting to wank myself off while loooking at her) and finished up by telling her she was going to be caned and ordered her to bend over the front of 'her' class desk.

Picking up the cane from the desk I came round to her side and having lifted her skirt over her back, lined the 40 inch flexible bamboo stick across the centre of her flinching buttocks. The cane came down with a satisfying (to me at least) THWACK causing an angry red line to replace the momentary appearance of a white line as the was driven from the point of impact. Eleven more times this happened at the end of which time the early strokes had begun to form themselves into raised ridges and welts. During the early strokes, she clenched her arse cheeks tight but after four or five she began to weave from side to side in a feeble attempt to avoid the onslaught; but to no useful purpose, after all her arse couldn't really move that far away could it?

Afterwards, I ran my hand over her cheeks and down between them where I found her cunt to be satisfyingly wet. Dropping my trousers and underpants to my ankles, I scooped some cunt lubrication up and smeared it round her anal sphincter and having rubbed my own pre-cum (very much in evidence) over the glans of my cock, nuzzled the end against her arsehole. I don't think she was expecting this because she flinched sharply and I have to confess, gave a little shriek as, without further warning I pushed the head of my erection into her rectum and after a little discomfort (for me) managed to bury the entire 7 inch shaft up her arse!

I reached under her chest and ripped the rest of her buttons open so that her tits flopped down onto the wooden desk top and with them sliding backwards and forwards on its surface proceeded to thrust in and out of her arsehole. She spread her legs and cheeks and gripped the legs of the desk tightly and on each thrust gave a small satisfied grunt and thrust back to meet each one. As my pace and intensity increased so did hers until I was slamming her so hard that the desk began to move backwards to the wall! Her grunts became moans and then shrieks as the desk rocked backwards off the floor and I grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed the nipples in time with the fucking strokes. My breathing became noisy as I thrust faster and with shorter strokes; the desk hit the wall and tilted permanently upwards and her feet left the ground! I was panting hard and she was shrieking out and with the noise created by the desk banging into the wall I was really glad she lived in a detached house! I suddenly knew I was cumming and she must have detected the urgency in my strokes because she reached under herself and frigged her clit furiously until I shot my load up into her colon and she climaxed a few seconds later.

When I let my cock slide out of her arsehole it was slick with cum and shit. I told her she was a dirty bugger and made her kneel in front of me and wipe it clean and then fetch a bowl of warm soapy water and wash it. As she walked back into the bathroom I could see shit stained cum dribbling out of her arsehole. I told her to strip off and stand in the shower cubicle and wait for me. I unscrewed the shower rose and positioned the end of the hose against her arsehole as she bent over and shot a jet of water inside her and made her wash herself out with her fingers!

I had a shower with her and we towled each other dry which made me start to feel horny again particularly as she spent rather longer than was necessary drying my cock and balls. However, I looked at my watch and realised that I had to get home and so ended this day's diary entry.

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000