Dear Diary_(5)

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I see him lying there, in bed waiting for me. We just finished our shower so I know he is clean. I also know from our fun in the shower that he is horny for Me.

There he is, lying there naked. My body betrays me, although I dried myself, I can feel a wetness developing deep within my pussy. The door is shut so we won’t be disturbed and the air conditioner is on, set at the perfect temperature. I come out of the bathroom, naked, and I can feel him following me with his eyes. Although he is under a blanket, I know he is warm. His body is always warm and it always makes me feel comforted whenever I snuggle up to him.

I open the covers to expose his feet and lean forward with my breasts. He told me that they were his and willingly, lovingly, I give them to him. I angle my nipples to touch his feet. I know he enjoys it because I can see a smile across his face. My nipples feel his warmth and it stimulates me more. Although I should be in control, my body betrays me as I feel my pussy becoming slick with my juices.

I work my way up, alternating my tits, breath, and kisses as I approach his thighs. I hear him moan. He is under my spell, my power. They say the submissive is the one with the power and it is true. I have the power.

His legs bend at his knees and he thrusts his pelvis up, like when he fucking me while I am on top. There, his sensitive balls are exposed. His sac is still relaxed; the scrotum has not yet drawn tightly to his body. I work my way closer and he lifts one of his legs, giving me clear unobstructed access to his sensitive regions. I feel his hand on my head. It is firm, yet gentle, and pulls me in closer to him. A light flick of my tongue on his sac drives him crazy. Lovingly, I engulf his sac in my mouth, swirling it with my tongue and bathing it with my warm saliva.

After releasing his balls, I explore his body, using my tongue and lips. First his queynt, then his ass. His anus is hot! The orifice is wrinkly but firm. Clean from our recent shower, he smells of my soap. With the tip of my tongue I rim around. I hear him moan, “Yes”. It emboldens me and I start to attack with vigor. My tongue loose and fluttering stimulates around his opening. Around and around I swirl my tongue. Moistened with my saliva, I plant my lips firmly against him and give him a passionate kiss. I push my tongue out and French kiss deep into him. Over and over I penetrate him, tongue fucking his ass. I switch my attack and my lips are actively munching on him, stimulating and eating him. I am pleased to hear his continuous moans… I am the originator of his pleasure. His hand reaches over and pushes my head firmly against his hot body. Willingly I give in and push my tongue further into him. I work my way up and flick my tongue, feeling him quiver with each stroke. Like a thoroughbred stallion responding to a jockey’s touch of his crop, I control the surge of power beneath me with the flick of my tongue.

His proud cock stands upright. I give it a quick kiss then engulf it in one swallow. After savoring it, I release it. I know he wants more but more will wait for later. I continue to work my way up and reach his nipples. I wonder if they are sensitive as mine. Do they produce a jolt of electricity like when he licks my tits? I lightly kiss his nipple. A soft moan emanates from him and he is deriving pleasure. With renewed vigor, I passionately kiss, suck and swirl his nipples with my mouth and tongue. I tantalize and stimulate him like how I want my nipples to be treated. I can feel him with his hot hands and fingers, touching and stimulating me even though I am the aggressor. It feels so good that I can feel my pussy exuding more of my juices.

In the heat of moment I expose my teeth and such in his teat. A moan escapes his lips and he grabs my head and pulls it firmly into him.


I know the electrical jolt I feel is also coursing through him. I lean back and I feel him take over. His raw power and lust also fuels me. I feel him touching and kneading my breast. Lightly, ever so lightly, he kisses and stimulates my nipples. His hot breath and saliva warms me all over. I feel him rising to his knees besides me. His cock touches my breasts and rubs my nipple. The sheer excitement of feeling such an intimate part of him touching my erogenous zone sends continuous jolts throughout me.

Then I feel a slick drop around my nipple. He is leaking precum and I must have it! Sensing my need he adjusts his body to bring it closer to my hungry mouth. Shamelessly I stick out my tongue to taste him. It tasted salty. Hungrily I want more. He obliges me and squirts more of his salty fluid into my waiting mouth. Greedily I swallow every drop.

I feel him reach over and touch my clit, completing a circuit from my mouth through his cock to his finger on my pussy. Contact! …and it electrifies me!

Sensing my need, his finger lightly brushes my clit. My body is ready, my pussy primed, the light touches across my clit continuously electrifies me. It is hard for me not to bite his cock. Saliva and his juices mix freely in my mouth and bathe his cock in warm fluids.

Then …the build-up… “Don’t stop!” I plead.

“I’m almost there!”

My need…he knows my need and generously fulfills it.
My need…My cum …My orgasm.


My pussy walls contract rhythmically. My copious juices squirt and I feel it coating his finger. His finger continues to stimulate my clit and another wave washes over me. I know he can feel it through my mouth. In his excitement he squirts more of his salty precum.

Though his fingers are just resting on me, my body reacts. Sensing my need, his fingers move and in my heightened state another wave of orgasmic bliss sweeps though me. I am depleted, drained. My cum flows freely out of my pussy and makes a slippery trail down to my ass. I can feel a wet spot developing beneath me, all of it from my fluids. He switches around, bringing his face closer to my pussy and starts to lick me. With a slight pelvic thrust, my pussy smears the juices all over his face. I mark him! With my pheromone he will smell me and know I belong to him. And if any other woman gets close, they too will know I am his and he is mine.

In this position his ass is close to my face. I use my hands to part his cheeks and attack him with relish. With my lips and mouth I stimulate his sensitive region. Though my pussy is spent, my mouth has renewed energy. I feel him angle himself up pressing his ass onto my face. His hands reach over to grab my head. I know what he wants and willingly, I give to him. Strengthening my tongue, I form it into a spear and start to tongue fuck his hole.

His moans of ecstasy are music to my ears. I know I am the instrument of his pleasure. His pleasure is my pleasure and with renewed energy I rim him with relish. Unable to resist my efforts I feel him swing his leg over to bring his stiff cock within reach my hungry mouth. Eagerly, willingly, I open my mouth to accept his engorged cock. Strengthened by his medication it fills my mouth. My mouth is his, my body is his, and I suck his cock drawing it further into my throat. I feel his cockhead touch the back of my throat for an instant then it draws back. His hips push the hot cock back in, slowly filling my mouth and throat.

He is fucking me!

Willingly I submit to his face fuck. My hands reach around to his ass to draw him in and deeper into me. Over and over, in and out, I feel him fill me. I submit and accept. In doing so, his pleasure becomes mine. His pounding becomes more forceful. Soon I feel his balls tighten and his precum changes flavor. With a final push he reaches deep into me. Though I want him in my throat, he thoughtfully pulls back and fills my mouth with his hot sweeten nectar. His cum, pumped forcefully by his cock muscles, fills my mouth. I swallow, barely keeping up with his load.

I continue to bathe his cock with the mixture of my saliva and his sweet semen. After drinking all of his fluids, I wash his cock clean with my tongue. Spent, he shifts position to lie beside me. His strength and energy flowed into me, filling me. As I feel his cock deflate, I adjust myself and reach over to catch those last drops exiting out of his pisshole with my tongue. It is sweet.

We cuddle and his arms surround me, comforting me. Our energies spent; in surrendering to him I gain all of him.

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000