Eric & Angel 1

It was just another morning another day of school i never really felt like school i mean what did ? Well there was a reasonw why I didnt feel like going to school .Im just another 17 year old finishing up thier last year of school hoping to make a good life out of myself.

I got up out of my bed showered quickly threw on some clothes and headed out the door to school i didnt bother to eat breakfast why bother ?. I got to school at 8:05 , five minutes before the bell for home room would ring. I had to go to my locker for my english book , just as I hit the corner to get to my locker. The reason why I hate coming to school was coming my way. Eric walters captain of the football team was walking down the hall way with his boys Kevin and Tarell. Now they all were good looking fellas , but Eric was it , his dread locks that stopped at his neck , his little mustache that was growing under his chin , and lets not forget his raging bisceps. For little over a month now i developed a crush on Eric , i was trying to convince myself for the past year that I wasnt gay but I coudnt help but find guys attractive and eric just took it for me. Eric made me stop and confirm that I was gay.

I stepped in front of my locker and started turning my lock , eric was still walking towards me. Then I felt a small growth in my pants. Oh crap I said to myself. Just as I turned my lock to the last number , Eric touch my shoulder. Wassup Angel ? . My face still into my locker , trying to hide the stifness in my pants I repiled. Nothing Chillen I guess. Kevin & Tarell walked ahead.

Okay good , Eric said back. walking backwards he asked me another question .You coming to the game after school ?

Uh yeah I am. Face still facing into my locker , now mind you I was only getting my english book.

Good Eric said giving me a thumbs up , and oh yeah bring your sister too. He jogged to catch up with Tarell and Kevin.

Now at that moment my heart sank ,he was intrested in my sister Alicia who graduated last year.

Then again I coudnt blame myself its not like he knew how I felt about him or that i was gay. I didnt reply back to him I just watched up jogged down the hallway. Looking at his Ass , it was so perfect and fit all I wanted to do was squeeze it and look at it and.. of course That would freak him out and then he would never talk to me again. I coudnt have that. I rather imagine my fantsay with him rather then him not talking to me calling me names. One day though Im hoping my fantasy will come true but thats a chance that is slim to none.

The bell rong and I headed to class. Even though I hated coming to school because of eric's sexy ass , there was on peroid that i always looked foward too. GYM! Eric was in that class with me and you know what that means. Yup!

GYM came around it was 1:30 , all the boys were in the locker room changing. Eric , Kevin and Tarell were two rows down from me. I could here them laughing , joking around about having sex with girls. Talking about their latest flings.

Hey douche bag my best friend Jared came behind me and tap my ass and laughed . He was the only one who knew I was gay , he wasnt though. When I told him I thought he would freak out but nope he didnt.

Ready to get that ass whooped in dodge ball today ? Jared asked.

We'll see who gets whooped. The coach blew his whistle and everybody left out the locker rooms.

When teams were picked , eric and i were on the same team. He was in the front of me. I looked at his ass it looked even better in basketball shorts more round and plumped. After about 45 minutes of dodgeball coach Robinson blew his whistle class was over. Eric stayed over to talk to coach robinson.

You gonna wait for your man Jared joked.

Shut up I mushed jared and he ran back to the locker room. I ran behind him. After we got dressed the bell rang we headed out , it was the last period of the day.

Walking out the school I realized I forgot my cell phone in the gym locker room.
So I rushed back into the shcool and headed for the locker room. Boy was I going to be in for a suprise.

I entered the locker room and i heard one of the showers on. I headed into the back to my locker and got my phone. I thought maybe somebody left one of the showers on. No I didnt I just wanted a excuse to go back there.

I slowly crept back and peaked around the corner of the showers. I looked and shot back quickly hand over my chest. Who was it stand butterball naked in the shower ? ERIC! He was soaping himself up and slowly stroking himself. Damn he looks even sexier naked. my dick slowly began to rise i looked around the corner again. Eric was stroking himself slowly with his head title backwards eyes closed. I began stroking my hard on still peaking at eric the water sliding down his back down to the crack of his ass. I began stroking harder and faster still watching eric. I was starting to cum i felt it coming , the the unthinkable happened my phone rang. Just as my phone went off I busted in my pants.

Eric looked over to where I was at and said Whose there ? Startled I got my self together and ran out as fast and quiet as I could. Feeling a little wet in my pants I ran so fast that i didnt even care if anyone saw me. I didnt even check my phone to see who called.

When I got home I ran into the bathroom locked the door and sat on the toilet.

What I just say coudnt get out of my head , it never would I just wished it was me in there with him stroking him , sucking him off.... Phew that was a day to remember..I didnt even think I wanted to go the game anymore...Seeing Eric naked kept flashing in my head , his johnson was so big it has to be about 7 to 8 inches..and his ass was even more perfect naked...I had a hour to get to the game , still pondering if i should go or not .. What to do what to do.

P2 soon


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