Eroticara: World of Fantasy

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I was finally off. After three weeks of covering shifts for my boss’s daughter I had an entire week to shut myself in and do absolutely nothing. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my vacation. Except when I got home things didn’t go exactly as planned.

First off my little sister who is only 2 years younger than me, 19, had gotten fired and would be home everyday to bother me for the week. Secondly the first thing I had to do when I got home was clean the garage. Great vacation so far. Thanks mom.

“Fuck.” I muttered to myself and slid passed a large pile of cluttered belongings and into the garage. I had to clean all of this? This would take at least two days! Fuck! I picked up a medium sized box from a pile and sat it on the ground in front of me. What do I even do with this stuff? It was all my dads crap anyway. He was always in here tinkering around and muttering to himself.

He hadn’t been home in a week since he was away on business and now I had to manage his junk pile? Fuck that. Instead I sat on the box in front of me and looked at the stack of other boxes. I’d just sit here a while and go back and complain to mom. She’d cave and let me play games anyway if I kept it up long enough.

My eyes drifted to the boxes and began scanning the contents and words that were scribbled across different objects. One of the words that stood out read “Eroticara: World of Fantasy”.

Huh? I pondered reaching out for the box. Inside I found a small chrome orb with circuitry running along its smooth surface. It felt cold to the touch and heavy. As I began to look further into the box something stabbed my hand and sent a sharp pain running up my arm. My jaw clenched and the next thing I knew I was gone.


My eyelids fluttered. The light of the world met my gaze and the fog that covered my sight began to fade away. I could see a brilliant sunshine highlighting the leaves of a dancing tree in the breeze. Birds chirped and sang all around me. I looked down as I stood and realized. Im completely naked.

My heart fell through my stomach. I’m in the woods...completely naked...with no idea where I am or how I got here. The last thing I remembered I was in the garage and....!!! That orb! What the fuck happened??? I didn’t have time for that now I had to find out where I was and how to get some fucking clothes.

The sun felt good on my back as I walked along the tree line. It felt nice out but I knew if I remained in the sun for too long I’d get burnt and I didn’t need to add to the list of my current problems.

After a while I came to a worn path that crossed the tree line and continued on through the rolling countryside. I decided to follow it and hope for the best. One way or the other it had to lead somewhere right?

Without the option to duck into the trees the sun on my back began to worry me. The fact I was naked took a backseat to the fact that I may be stranded alone in the middle of nature without any advantage.

Just as fear began to creep over me, the sound of clopping hooves and creaking wheels crept toward me. People! My heart leapt and sank all at once. I’d have to engage them to save myself but that meant being naked in front of them. Fuck it I had to do what I do to.

It was a single horse carrying along a small box cabin passenger cart. But the style was something I’d never seen before. It looked like something out of the old west only....fancy like I couldn’t describe. I covered my privates as best I could with one hand and stood just to the side of the road with my other hand high in the air.

I was just about to yell out to the buggy from a distance when the driver stopped around forty yards away down the path. Silence filled the air for a moment and I was unsure whether to call out to them or to turn tail and run. Something made the hair in the back of my neck stand up.

Then the driver, who I couldn’t make out called out, “You, in the road! Hands in the air! There are bandits around the area and I don’t like the look of you!”

Wait, what did they say? It sounded like a girl and she wanted me to...put my hands up? But then I’d be, uh, exposed down there! But what else can I do at a time like this! Fear and confusion took over. I lifted both hands into the air and my cock dangled and pressed against my leg. I don’t like to brag or anything, but my cock is the one thing in my life that I’m proud of about myself.

“Now spin around!” The driver commanded. I was inclined to follow. A few seconds passed and the door to the buggy opened. Another girl got out of the cabin. Her hair was blonde. I could see that from here. Her dress was white and blue and her curves were entrancing as she walked to the front of the buggy. Her hips moved like a spell as she approached me.

The next thing I knew both the driver and the passenger stood in front of me. The driver had no emotion. Her eyes pierced through me like cold daggers and her black hair fell over her face like coal feathers.

But the passenger, I just noticed, had a smile across her face and her eyes danced with life. Her blonde hair reminded me of summertime and the beach. Her lips were slightly pale but contrasted off her skin perfectly. Her eyes were blue but a very light and dull blue. She looked stunning. Unlike any girl I’d ever seen in my whole life.

“My name is Sera. This is Jesset. What may I ask are you doing out here all by yourself?” Her voice was soft and playful and full. It felt like my ears had been hearing static my whole life and suddenly it had been turned off. It was pure.

“Are you okay?” She asked after I didn’t answer. She smiled and blushed as I came back to reality. “Oh uh, I’m, coming from, uh, I’m.....”

“Are you lost?” She asked innocently. My head nodded instinctively and my cock began to fill with . The driver, Jesset, must have noticed because she grunted and coughed as to avert the attention back to the situation at hand.

“Well if you want to I can give you a ride to Pleece since we’re headed that way already?” She smiled again. But Jesset objected.

“Master, we can’t possibly pick up a stranger with our current state of affairs!” Her voice was lower and more serious. It fit her face. She was uncommonly beautiful as well. Her features pulled me in just as Sera’s voice had. They began to squabble as I drifted off into my head again, I’m bad about that.

“Excuse me, sir.” Sera said smiling. “Like I said, we’ll take you to Pleece if you’d like.” I nodded and they turned to the buggy. I followed. Sera was in front of me and Jesset took the rear. She didn’t trust me. I don’t blame her.

Sera lifted herself into the cabin and when she did the shape of her ass could be seen through her white dress. My heart skipped a beat and my cock twitched. I climbed in behind her and Jesset took the seat in the outside of the cabin to drive the horse.

“So, tell me, what is your name and why are you out in the middle of nowhere?” Sera smiled still. She just seemed genuinely happy. It made me feel like everything was going to be fine. Like a happy fog was in my head.

“My friends call me Ti. I’m from Vanside, Kentucky. I don’t know where I am or how I even got here.” My voice was sad but my face was neutral. I didn’t want to show her any emotion and make her feel bad because of my story.

“Ti like titantium! That’s a good name!” She laughed and held up her arm like she was flexing her muscles. “You must be strong with a name like that!” She was ing me. Her innocence. Here I was naked and she was joking around and talking to me like I was her friend since we were s.

My eyes drifted to her chest. The dress didn’t cover her cleavage and her pale skin looked so soft. She must’ve noticed because she pressed her breasts together with her arms and moved her body. “So,” she said looking down at my cock that was growing increasingly bigger every second, “what payment do you offer in exchange for a ride with me, Ti who is strong like titanium?”

Her change in tone made my cock fully erect by the time she finished that sentence. She reached down and grabbed my long fat cock with her soft and precious hand and looked into my eyes. “I’ll take your body as payment then, Ti.” And she pulled on my cock.

A soft breath escaped my lips. She sat upright and uncrossed her legs. Her other hand joined in tugging my cock up and down in long and slow strokes. Thoughts of home disappeared from my mind completely as a long trail of spit came from her mouth and landed on the head of my cock.

“I’ve never seen one as big as yours before. I could see how big it was from down the road earlier.” Her voice was seductive and sexy. I moaned. Our eyes met and I could see she was losing herself in the pursuit of pleasure. I leaned into her and met her pale lips. Our tongues slid across one another as she still jerked me off slowly. Her grip was firm and her fingers pressed into my soft skin that wrapped my hard and thick member. The head was glistening from her saliva that she let fall onto her stroking hands. It drove crazy that this little blonde girl was acting so unbelievably naughty in the back of this moving buggy while her colleague drove us.

She broke the kiss and let go of me and stood. The steady rock of the small buggy made her breasts jiggle. Her fingers found the edges of white fabric and she pulled the dress over her head. Her pink nipples looked like pale treats atop her large ghostly breasts and her stomach came down into a small waist. Her hips were juicy and her thighs smooth. Her mound was covered in the smallest stubbles of blonde hair and when I looked at it she inhaled sharply and embraced me hurriedly.

We kissed and sat back on the bench inside the cabin. Her breasts pressed against my chest and my cock pressed against her stomach. My hands wrapped around her small waist as I tasted her tongue. My hands found her large breasts and I balanced their weight in my grip. They felt heavenly. I could feel how wet she was when her pussy would graze against my thigh.

She slid down to her knees and grabbed my fat dick in her hands and popped it into her mouth. HIt was warm and my mouth went agape in pleasure when she pressed her throat down around my cock. Her eyes went wide and a sound emitted from the back of her wet throat. She had tried to go deep but the size of my dick made it impossible. She gagged. Spit fell from her mouth and ran down my shaft. Her hand groped at my balls as she repeatedly ran the back of her throat into my cock. Long strings of spit remained when she would come off me for air. Her hands massaged the spit into my skin.

She stroked my slick cock and enthusiastically yelled, “Take me, Ti. Now!” I stood and pulled her up from her knees and laid her down on the bench. While on one knee I positioned my fat and firm head just outside of her cute little pussy. The skin pressed against mine and her lips parted slightly and wrapped around my head. She moaned and the imagery drove me wild. I shoved my entire cock inside her in one hard giant thrust.

We both screamed in pain and pleasure. She was so tight that the pain took a second to fade away. It usually took me a while to work a girl into my size but Sera drove me absolutely wild. Her smell. Her presence. I wanted to drink her in. I wanted her to drink me in. I wanted to be inside of her. All of me.

She was panting hard from just the single thrust and finally I started moving out of her slowly. Gingerly I moved back and then forward until I found a nice soft rhythm. After a few half strokes we found ourselves in the groove of pleasure. Her small body wrapped around my massive member. I could barely contain myself as I took in the sigh of this pale blonde stranger on my dick.

Once she was accustomed to my the girth I began pumping more of my cock inside of her. What was half of my cock turned into the whole length. Her breaths coincided with my thrusts. “Yes. Yes. YES!” She exclaimed. “You’re tearing me apart, Ti!”

I continued pumping in and out of her as the buggy continued down the path. My balls slapping against her cute button asshole. Pleasure began to overtake her with each deep thrust of my hips. She shuttered once and moaned in a high pitch. I stopped all movement as orgasm overtook my cock.

“I’m gonna cum.” I muttered and started to pull out of Sera. She gasped and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in. She shoved my entire length into her and the sudden movement sent me over the edge.

From deep within me I shot a single hot load into her stomach. It took the breath right out of me and in early doubled over myself in pleasure. The second spurt I could feel as it left the depths of my loins and entered her. The wave of pleasure it sent over me made my knees weak. She was egging me on to fill her but her words were lost upon me.

“Cum in me, yes! Please fill me up it feels so hot oh my!” Spurt after spurt I emptied myself inside of her. My large cock twitching and shooting until I was empty. I stayed inside her while breathing hard until my cock was soft. The rocking of the buggy caused the slightest friction among my own juices and hers. My cock began to grow again. She was biting her lip with rosy cheeks and nodding yes when the buggy stopped. I could feel the weight of the buggy shift as Jesset got out and began to walk around to the side of the buggy. My eyes went to the door of the cabin. I just knew she was about to come inside and see everything. Suddenly the reality of the situation came flooding back to me. Mom. Dad. Sis. Home.

~End of Part One.~

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000