Eroticara: World of Fantasy Part Two

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The door to the cabin swung open. Just as I had feared, it was Jesset. Her raven colored hair reflected an almost purple hue when the sun hit it just right. The buggy barely shook with her weight as she climbed inside. I almost started stammering, trying to explain the situation at hand. After all I still had my fat and lengthy cock deep inside Sera who was dripping my thick cum from her loins. But regardless of the situation...Jesset’s coal colored eyes weren’t focused on us. She was listening.

“Jess-“ Sera began but Jesset interrupted her with a sharp shushing. In the lowest whisper she could manage, Jesset explained. “I saw a group of goblins crossing the road ahead of us. I don’t know what they are doing so far from their caves but if they see us it could cause trouble.” Her gaze met Sera’s and both of them knew what it meant to cause a scene in their current predicament. But I didn’t.

“Goblins!?” I blurted out loudly. Jesset quickly put a blade to my throat. An entire sword? Where had she been hiding that? I don’t remember seeing her with a head started to feel fuzzy and foggy again. Then suddenly a sound unlike any I had heard came from outside the cabin. The horse began to stir outside and suddenly fell eerily silent. Something was there. Could it really be goblins???

All I could concentrate on was Sera’s tight hole stretched around my cock as the knife was pressed against my artery. Sera was scared. I could tell because her pussy clenched against my cock in fear. The feeling of my juices mixed with hers and that clench..”Oh, fuck.” I whispered. I started to get rock hard again inside of little blonde Sera.

My breaths began to get heavy and labored. The situation’s intensity paired with the sensation on my cock drove me wild. It drove Sera wild too because she accidentally let out a sharp moan as my throbbing cock began to grow inside of her. Our eyes locked onto each other and the weight of the situation mixed with the pleasure of our bodies.

Suddenly a loud bang crashed against the side of the buggy’s wooden cabin. Jesset flipped her blade from around my neck and toward the door. Her stance was entrancing. Her figure made my loins grow even larger inside of Sera and she moaned once more, louder this time. Every knock of the door seemed to make my cock throb and enlarge. Sera but her lip and moved my hips backward slightly. The movement caused a little cum to flow from her pussy and the sensation of movement pushed the knocking threat further away from my mind.

The cabin started to rock. It was apparent the goblins wanted to get inside to perhaps plunder and then us. But the rocking of the cabin slid me deeper into Sera and the head of my cock bottomed out in her little pussy. It drove us both crazy. Though we were in a dire situation we couldn’t help but be wrapped up in the pleasure of each other.

Jesset crouched and leapt into the door of the cabin, kicking it open. She had on some sort of black leather vest armor with straps attached at the waist, danglin. Like a dark Wonder Woman from some medieval land. Her ass checks flashed as she went through the door of the cabin and out onto the ground. It looked soft to the touch and perfectly round and firm.

I turned my gaze back to Sera and slid my cock nearly out of her completely. Only the head remained inside her flesh. My shaft glistened from our juices and a stream of cum ran from her sopping hole. I looked back up to her face. Her pale blue eyes wanted it. All of it. Before they had danced with life and joy, but now they danced with desire and fear. I let out a small grunt and shoved myself all the way back into her.

She screamed in pleasure. I hit the back of her pussy and retracted nearly all of the way back out. In a steady rhythm I repeated the process. Pounding her over and over. Our moans and soft grunts got lost together as we lost ourselves in the pleasure. The sounds of and dropping bodies outside didn’t even reach our conscious.

I pulled my long and thick cock out of her and she instinctively got down on her knees. She took my shiny and wet cock into her small and dainty hands and began to stroke our juices into the skin of my rock hard member. She looked up at me innocently. It looked as though, at least to me, that she wanted nothing more in the world than to pull the cum from my loins. She wanted to make me explode.

“The first time was payment for the ride. This time is for our pleasure, yes?” Her angelic voice was a gift on my ears. The soft and pure sound mixed with the pleasure of her hands sliding along my cock and I was, if only for a moment, in heaven. Nothing was inside of my head but the overwhelming pleasure that radiated from my entire cock.

“Give it to me once more, Ti!” She shouted and put her tiny mouth around the large cock head in front of her. The back of her throat pressed against my cock and the thought of me unloading deep into her fucking throat sent chills down my entire body. My abdomen started to clench up and my balls began to feel heavy. I just knew I was about to cover sweet Sera’s face entirely in my hot and thick load.

“ENOUGH!” I could feel the boom of the loud voice in my chest. It startled me so hard that my cock deflated slightly. Sera’s eyes shot to the entrance of the cabin door and there stood Jesset. Her dark hair was messy and dangled in front of her perfect face. had been smeared slightly along her cheek and her eyes looked devoid of emotion. Her leather armor had been ripped, exposing her left breast. Her nipple was hard and the skin of her large breast looked extremely smooth and soft. My cock twitched inside Sera’s mouth and my balls ached from not releasing their load.

Jesset’s long legs carried her slender and sturdy frame up and into the cabin and she removed the the armor completely. Her exposed torso was something meant for eyes more worthy than mine. I took in her savage beauty and looked into her eyes. Just the same as Sera. Whatever was in her eyes a moment ago was gone and replaced by desire.

I was speechless still from her naked figure when she grabbed me by the head of my hair and slung me out of the cabin door and into the dirt outside. I landed on my back with a sturdy thud. My hard cock bounced and sway in the air back and forth. “Owwouch!” I groaned with squinted eyes. The next thing I knew Jesset had me by the arm and was dragging me from the worn dirt path and into a grassy area adjacent.

I was breathing hard yet she gave no indication of fatigue even though she had just ed who knows how many goblins. She put her knees on either side of my face with her shins pressed against my arms. I was trapped and her pussy was pressed along my mouth, rubbing back and forth. It tasted sweet and felt as though I had been waiting my entire life to taste such a thing. I stuck my tongue out and she continued to ride my face. She dug herself into my chin and tongue increasingly harder until I could no longer breathe.

Flailing my arms I began to grab at her waist and scratch at her back. One of my nails must’ve sliced her slightly because she clicked her tongue and lifted herself from my face. She stood and bent over and down so that her face was opposite mine. Her perfect face twisted into a snarl and she spat saliva into my mouth and across my cheeks and nose. I was taken aback. My face was wet and covered with spit and pussy juices and I was again speechless.

Sera emerged from the buggy and walked to us. “Now now, know if you want to play with my toys you have to ask first, correct?” Jesset’s eyes widened and she spun on her heels, her breasts swaying with the momentum. “Yes, master. I apologize. I know I was out of line but-“

“But nothing.” Sera continued through a devious grin. She came up to Jesset and pressed her tits against hers. “Drop down to your knees, Jess and eat me.” She followed the command instantly. “Good girl.”

The way Sera could act so innocently then flip a switch and be so incredibly naughty was so amazing. Not to mention her ability to be entirely submissive to me a moment ago and now she was completely dominating Jess. Just where in the hell was I!? Fantasy land!?

Jesset lapped up the mixture of cum from Sera’s privates and through moans Sera lifted a finger to me and motioned me over to them. “I want you to put your weapon of a cock into Jesset’s little fucking cunt. You can do that for me now, can’t you?”

My cock went rock hard. I would do anything Sera asked me to at this point. Fuck going home! I was fine being with her forever. I felt as though I was under a spell yet I had no desire to ever be free from it.

I crept the few feet to Jesset on my knees. My cock bounced with each motion until it pressed at the entrance of Jesset’s small hole. She was completely shaven and was dripping wet. It seemed she got off on pleasing her master. I smiled. We both had that in common, wanting to please Sera. In this I felt a strange bond to this warrior brute of a perfect woman. My cock throbbed and I dropped my lower jaw and let out a deep breath. I pushed my cock passed her lips and into her tight little hole. It was so tight. I could barely stay inside of her without being pushed out.

Jesset grabbed one of her heavy tits and squeezed it. Sera looked down at us both. “Good, my boys and girls are playing nicely together. Now, Ti...fuck her inside out for me ok?” She closed her eyes and smiled innocently as she asked the question. It drove me wild. Wild enough to shove my cock as far into Jesset as I could possibly go. I grunted and came to a stop inside her. Did I bottom out? I looked down. No, only a quarter of my cock was inside.

She was just that tight and I that large. She never even squealed or made so much as a face when I shoved it in. She took it like a warrior and just continued to eat out her master with impressive enthusiasm. I took in a deep breath and pulled out of her. Then again I shoved my hard and long cock inside of her as far as I could. This time a I got a little further inside of her. I repeated this process until the length of my entire shaft, all the way to the balls, was inside of her.

Now she couldn’t help but make a face as I pounded out her insides and used her just as Sera had commanded. I couldn’t believe it. One minute I’m cleaning out my garage and the next I’m fucking two of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen in a land I’ve never heard of before. The sun felt great on my naked skin and looked even greater on theirs. The imagery and feeling of Jesset pressing around my entire cock as I pumped her like mad was driving me batshit crazy.

Jesset removed her mouth from Sera’s mound and screamed into the open air. “IM GONNA CUM YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” She grimaced and groaned, moaning loudly and angrily. Sera rubbed her own clit furiously and her mouth fell open. “Oh fuck!” She said and squirted a torrent of fluid onto Jesset. It went into her mouth and dampened her black hair. It ran down her perfect skin as I dug my cock in and out of her tight and soft little muscular body.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck, master I’m cumming!” Jesset said in a tone of voice I’d yet to hear her use. It was overflowing with pleasure. I took my cock out of her as I neared intense climax myself. I got up and put my cock right over Jesset’s wet face as she played with her pussy. “Fuck!” I said as a blast of cum shot out onto her face. She was surprised by how heavy the load was. It landed just above her dark eyebrow and extended down to her chin. Another spurt flowed out of me and connected with her open mouth. She closed her mouth and spat out the semen. It dribbled out over her chin and down across her breasts. I shot two more hot streams across her face and was spent. I collapsed backwards onto my ass and tried to catch my breath.

Jesset continued to rub her clit until, with a face full of cum, she came. The moans were orgasmic to my ears and I rubbed the head of my cock with one thumb in response. Jesset was dripping with my load as she endured her own intense and deep orgasm.

Sera giggled and knelt down to Jesset. “Don’t waste any of that precious cum, my sweet pet.” She leaned in and ran her tongue along Jesset’s chin and pushed the gathered cum back into Jesset’s mouth. She did this until all the extra cum was inside her mouth and then smiled from ear to ear. “Good girl. Now show master how nasty you are!” She leaned back in and kissed her. Their tongues danced, submerged in my thick load. Saliva and cum covered their mouths and leaked out of the edges as they kissed passionately. The cum that began to dribble down their naked bodies was rubbed in by Sera like a lotion over their breasts and torsos.

They looked into each other’s eyes and swallowed the cum together in unison. Embracing each other they looked back to me. Sera smiled at me lovingly even though she was a complete stranger to me. Jesset breathed heavily and her eyes looked at my used cock, still filled with lust.

Sera giggled and we all lay out in the open air of nature. Goblin corpses littered the path adjacent to us and our horse had been slain. I had no idea what had happened. I felt wrapped in a heavy blanket of lust and pleasure. Like a cloud of lost focus replaced with desire and passion. I could barely even remember home anymore as the girls coo’d and cuddled together.

~End of Part Two.~

This website is for sale. If you're interested, contact us. Email ID: [email protected]. Starting price: $2,000