Elven Stories

Galadriel was the daughter of Celeborn, Aran of the Edhil. She was a Princess in her own right, but she was exiled to the West in the year of 1586. She was sent over the Atlantic Ocean by her father’s decree that she never return to the lands of the Eastern Realms.
She was exiled for refusing to marry one of her father’s Captains. She was given the choice of either marrying Brithbeth Nev or being exiled to the West, where the Edain had discovered land in mass, and to never return.
She chose to be exiled. One thousand and sixty-four Edhil went with her, being loyal to the Princess and ruler of their realm. She ruled the Edhellen realm of the Black Forest, Germany. Only one tenth of the people of the realm were with her.
Celeborn gave her seven ships to take her followers to the West with and supplies. Her followers were from then on called the Aearcirithin [ Ocean Passers] for the manner in which they left. They were to go to the south of the Spanish settlement of St. Augustine, Florida, Amerika.
They crossed the better part of the Ocean in twenty days. They hit a storm in the Caribbean Sea and went off course, though not to the worse. They ended up on the island just 90 mi. off the southern tip of Florida. They set up a colony there and called it Falas Bar [ Shoreline Home].
Galadriel was named the Nimbereth [ White Queen] of the Colony. She was their leader and they obeyed her every command. They were very prosperous, for the colony was set on a paradise island. They had all that they needed, and they had no outside contact for thirty years.

Eregnov was the son of the Prince of the Norwegian Edhil. He was two hundred years old, but had the body of a twenty-two year old. He was tall and fair of skin with a soft voice and a twinkle in his eyes that gave way to his personality.
He was one of the Aearcirithin, though not because he was to or because he was loyal to Galadriel. He went across the Ocean because he was looking for adventure and he would find none of that if he were a Prince of the Edhil in Norway.

Therefore, he went to the Rhine River the day the Aearcirithin set sail and asked Galadriel for her leave to get on the last ship.
“ I wish to go with you Fair Lady. May I board the ship which is least burdened?” He asked her.
Galadriel was not quick to answer. She looked upon him with a piercing eye and saw that he was also fair. She was intrigued by his noble look and his humble yet noble spirit. “ What is your name, fellow Edhel?” She asked him at last.
“ I am…” He wished not to give up his true name just yet. “ I am Redgwai Dúrandir, from Norway, my Lady.”
She caught the hesitation, but did she think anything of it? She was deep in thought. She had to make a quick judgment. “ Okay, you may take the same ship that I take. That is the one that will leave the harbour last. You must have all of your stuff taken to the ships hold before we leave.” She said, making her eyes drop quickly, then gaze back into his. “ Hurry!”
Eregnov then went to the wagon where his stuff was and got it. He had very little stuff, which was packed in a trunk, made for traveling. He took it to the ship and gave it to the Edhil who were loading up the storage areas.
Eregnov then went to the ships sleeping quarters and found a suitable place. He then sat down and pondered his next move. He had just come from a life of wealth and nobility to a life of hardships and commonplace. Would he adjust to these changes, or would he have to find a way back to his home.
He then noticed that there were a series of rooms on the ship. The rooms were little, and they had beds, desks, and chairs. They were bedrooms. The ship had a hundred and sixty of them. He then went inside of one and lay down on the bed. He went to sleep thinking about his new future.

The Meeting
Galadriel woke him up by walking into his room what felt like only a few minutes later to Eregnov. She came over to him and put her hand on his shoulder. He stirred with her touch, then sat up.

“ Redgwai, how are you?” Galadriel said to him sweetly.
He was glad that he had this woman there when he awoke, but was not quite sure why. “ I’m… I’m okay I guess.” He replied. He had a very warm feeling in his gut, for Galadriel was still touching his shoulder.
“ I’ve been searching for your quarters for three hours now. I need to speak with you privately.” She said, now taking her hand from his shoulder.
He was sorry she removed her hand, for she had that effect on men and women alike. “ About what?” He asked.
“ I cannot say here. But accompany me to my quarters and we speak of it in full.” Galadriel said.
“ Okay.” He said, not having the stomach to tell her no, even if he wanted to… and he did not.
Galadriel then lead him out of his room and to the hallway. He had slept on top of the covers and left no sign that he was ever there. She lead him to her room, which was on the second level of the ship’s four. Her room was at the back of the ship and was much bigger than the rest of them.
She had a very large bed and a bathroom with a bathtub in it. She had a desk with a chair on each side and papers spread out in it. There was a large window at the back of her room and a mirror on the ceiling. Her dresser was large and the cabinet was equally big.
“ Nice room.” Commented Eregnov. He was very admirative of her room.
“ It is the largest on the ship, though I did not ask for it. I would just assume have a room just like all the rest, so I would be closer to my people.” Galadriel said, humbling herself.
“ So, what do you wish to speak with me about?” Eregnov Asked, feeling as if he was cutting very short the conversation that could have followed.
Galadriel sat down at the desk and motioned for Eregnov to do the same. “ Redgwai, I know who you truly are and I know what your purpose is.” She said suddenly.
Eregnov got very nervous. “ And who do you think I am and what my purpose is?” He asked, keeping his composure.

“ I know you are a spy for my father sent to keep an eye on me. I know he still cares, though he cannot show it.” Galadriel said with a steady confident voice.
“ Ahhh haa ha ha!!” Eregnov laughed. He was not caught after all.
“ Why do you laugh?” Galadriel asked, now growing sad in feature. “ It is no joking matter. This is my life and it is not funny.”
“ I’m sorry to laugh, but you way off.” He said with a laughing voice. “ I’m not a spy for your father, though I would be glad to keep an eye on you.”
“ What?” She asked.
“ I would be glad to keep an eye on you, for you are very fair to the eyes.” Eregnov said, venturing out on a very short limb.
“ No! What did you say about being a spy?” She asked, now the fire faded from her spirit.
“ I am not a spy sent from your father. That I promise you.” He said.
Galadriel then broke down into tears and sniveled. “He r…really doesn’t care about me anymore. He really doesn’t c…care.”
Eregnov had to do something, for he couldn’t let such a beautiful creature sob. He walked over to her and placed her head in his shoulder. “ I didn’t mean it like that.”
“ But that is what it means, nonetheless.” She said lightly.
“ I don’t wish to see you like this. I’ve already said that I find you attractive, so I wish to say this: I wish to become friends with you, and I hate to see my friends sad.” Said Eregnov to Galadriel, calming her down.
She regained her composure and quit crying. She sat up strait and then cleared her throught. “ I’m sorry, but I had to break down sometime. That was the ideal time, for I had not to make any major decisions or any people around.”
“ I was around.” He said.
“ But as you said, you are my friend.” Said Galadriel smiling. “ But friend, one thing troubles me about you.” She added.
“ What is that?” He asked.
“ You sounded relieved when I thought you were a spy for my father.” She said. “ Why?” She asked.

“ Because I thought you knew who I really am.” Eregnov said.
“And who are you, really.” She asked. “If you be truly my friend, you will not have any problems with telling me.”
“I am Eregnov Nimraug, son of Mith Nimraug, Prince of the Norwegian Edhil. I have come here looking for adventure away from my home, but may have gotten more than I had bargained for.” He explained. “I have been looking for a life outside of the nobility that I have been born into.”
“So you are on the run, sort of speak?” She said.
“Why did you choose to come with us Aearcirithin, instead of just going to the Middle East?” Galadriel asked.
“Because I could have always came back to my home. This way I have to follow through with my plan because I am now in exile. And this way, my father cannot interfere with me and my life anymore.” Eregnov explained to Galadriel.
“And you are now on your way to the New World, as the Edain would call it, with the daughter of the Aran of the Edhil. Your adventure has begun on this day: March 22, 1586. We should arrive in Florida in around twenty days or so.”
“That is a lot of time to get to know someone.”
“Yes it is.” Replied Galadriel. “And we are going to get to know each other right now, in the fashion of the Royals.”
“What does that entitle?” Inquired Eregnov.
“Sit down on the bed.” Ordered Galadriel. “Then close your eyes.”
He did as she asked. She grabbed onto his hands and went into his being. It was as if she was looking into his soul and reading all of its secrets. However, at the same time, he could see inside of her soul.
“What was that?” Eregnov asked, amazed, after the experience was over.
Galadriel replied with a smile. “We saw inside of each other’s souls. You may not have been able to read as I can, but you now have an idea. You saw what it was that I felt.”
“I felt as if you felt love, or at least a strong attraction to me.” Eregnov said. “What did you get from me?”
“I got the feeling that you loved me, but that you were afraid to tell me.” Galadriel said. She then added. “There is no need for you to feel as if you cannot confide in me. I am your friend, remember?”
“I do love you, though we just met but an hour ago.” Eregnov said, now in a soft voice. “Do you now have the same feelings for me as you did?” He asked.
“No!” Said Galadriel quickly and sternly. Eregnov hung his head and sighed out of despair. “I feel more for you than I did. I feel love for you also.” She added, seeing his despair.
“That makes me feel a lot better and more at ease.” Eregnov commented.
“You may sleep here if you wish, for as long as the trip lasts.” Galadriel said to him sweetly. “When we get to our destination, you will have to explain to the people why you are sleeping with the Queen of their new colony. If you cannot handle the responsibility of ruling a people, you will need to leave right now, for I’m not just having a one-night stand. This decision is going to affect the rest of your life, Eregnov.”
“I can handle that.” Eregnov said without hesitation.
“You will have to take command of this ship and lead us in the right direction. Can you navigate the Ocean? Will you lead us into our new haven?” She asked him.
“I will do the best that I can, but make you no promises.” He replied. “As long as you have a basic map of where we’re going, I can get us near to where that is at.”
“I have plenty of maps on the desk over there.” Galadriel replied. “They show a basic idea of the Ocean and the place where we are to go to.”
“Then I may well get us there.” Eregnov said. “But what about the rest of the ships?”
“They follow this ship’s lead.” She said. “This is the biggest and most luxurious ship on the Ocean at the time and we have any resources that we need. The supplies will last us for three months on a full diet and we have enough experienced people on board to act as a council that we are bound to succeed.”
“So, how big is this ship?” Eregnov asked, now lying down on the bed.
“It is a hundred yards long, fifty yards wide, and thirty feet tall from water to top of the mast.” Galadriel gave the dimensions as best she knew. The ship was truly the best on the Ocean at the time.
“What time is it?” Eregnov asked. “I feel as if I had only slept for a few minutes when you woke me.”
“It is around ten at night.” She said. “You first met me at around two in the afternoon and came to you room at three. You’ve been asleep for around seven hours.”
“Then why do I feel tired?” He asked.
“Stress makes the heart go faster, which in turn makes the body tire even quicker. It also raises the metabolism, making you not eat and weak. You need to eat something and stay up.” Galadriel explained very well the effects of depression and stress to Eregnov.
“Where can I get food at?” He asked.
“I’ll have something brought to us.” Galadriel said helpfully. “What do you eat in Norway that we may have on this ship?”
“We like crab and all types of seafood, along with sausage and beef. I personally like pork that has been salted and have a special liking for oranges.” Eregnov said. He was now starved he felt. His stress was relieved somewhat, so his appetite was returning.
“We have any type of seafood that you could wish and salted pork, but we have no oranges.” Galadriel voiced, now getting up and walking to her desk. She picked up a pen and began to write. “What do you wish me to order for you? I am having a lobster stew and a loaf of bread.”
Eregnov thought about that for a few seconds, then said. “ A beef-steak and a bowl of chowder would be nice, with some bread in plenty. If that is no bother?”
“ It is none.” She then wrote down his order and clipped it to a string, then pulled the string so the order went through a small hole in the wall, just as in modern day restaurants. “ It should be here in thirty minutes or so.”

Love Affair
The meal arrived and they ate very quickly, both being starved. They shared each other’s courses and enjoyed their food to the fullest. Galadriel had found that she liked her lobster mixed with limejuice, which they had in plenty.
As she put the plates outside the door for the orderlies to pick up, Galadriel said. “ Why did you run and what are you going to do after this adventure is over? You are an Edhel, so you will not die unless you are ed. You will just regenerate and become new again. What are your long term plans?”
“ I plan to help you rule the Aearcirithin for as long as it is sutible, then hope to explore the New World more fully.” Eregnov said.
“ Do you plan to come back to our colony?” Galadriel asked.
“ Yes, eventually.” He replied. “ But I’ve no plan on leaving it for three more of my regenerations. I just regenerated two weeks ago, so I’ve another hundred years or so lest on this one and another two centuries left till I leave the colony.”
“So you’re with us for a while?”
“Quite a while!”
“Good.” She replied. “Where are you going to land us?”
“Somewhere south of the Spanish colony of St. Augustine.” Eregnov said. “But we’ll see.”
“Is Florida a nice place?” Galadriel asked.
“I don’t know. I’ve never been outside of Norway before.” Eregnov admitted. “I want to have an adventure because the three centuries I’ve been on the Earth, I’ve never been let to have my own life.”
“So you’re bringing us to a place you’ve only ever heard about in books and scrolls?”
“And where are you going to take us if we are not permitted to land in Florida?” She asked, not really caring about an answer.
“To one of the islands that are around the region.” He replied.
“Do you want to lay down with me, Eregnov?” She asked out of the blue.
“Yes.” He said immediately.
Galadriel then went to the bed and laid down on it on her back. She closed her eyes and opened her arms. Eregnov went to her and lay down next to her, resting his head on her arm, very close to her body. She turned over on top of him and pinned him down to the bed.
She then kissed him fully on his lips and neck. Eregnov could not believe that this was happening to him. Galadriel slowly got off of Eregnov and slipped her head down to the crotch of his pants. She tugged at the lace keeping them in place and slid them down off of his body. She them pulled the cloth underwear down also, exposing his half-erect pole.
“You are very advancing for a young Princess, of the Edhil.” Eregnov commented.
Galadriel replied by putting the tip of his sword into her mouth and sucking on it lovingly. She then slid it to the base of it in her mouth and sucked it lightly as she pulled it out, making him extremely hard. She swirled her tongue around the head and base of it, giving extra sensation. She moved her head quickly up and down the shaft of his pole.
Then, she stopped and quickly stripped off her clothes. Her body was that of a goddess. She had long blond hair that reached past her lower back and her face was to be beheld: it was very fair and her cheek bones high; her eyes were of emeralds and her nose was cute and short, almost Asian-like. Her breasts were medium and firm, and very perky; they were also cream colored, with dark areolas around her plump nipples. Her stomach was flat and firm, though not hard; it was the perfect texture. Her legs were neither long nor short, but right for her height; her thighs were light, and they led up to her pink crevice, which was very small. Her ass was plump, round, though very firm, and well cut. Overall, she was the perfect figure of an Edhel.
She went atop of Eregnov once again and placed her crevice just above his pole. She then rubbed his sword between the small lips of her loth and made herself very wet. She then found the whole of her loth and led Eregnov’s lance to its entrance.
She lowered herself onto the stiff extremity fully, making it enter her with power. She then rocked back and forth, giving Eregnov emence pleasure and hitting her g-spot. She kissed and licked Eregnov all over as she fucked him.
Eregnov humped up into Galadriel’s loth, making her squeal in pleasure. She tightened her muscles in her loth, making herself tighter than she already was. She then started to twist her hips, grinding him. Her eyes started to go out of focus and she tensed up, tightening her muscles once again and holding on to Eregnov even tighter now.
She didn’t even know what was happening to her. She was silent as the fluid gushed out of her in a pulse, then another pulse and another. The fluid was warm; hot even, to the touch. She just looked drained.
But she knew that her lover had not climaxed yet, so she got off of him and once again sucked on his sword. She tasted the sweet juice that had flowed from her loth and liked it. She licked and sucked on Eregnov as if he was a lollypop. She made sure to please him.
All of a sudden, he tensed up and humped into her mouth! He shot a pulse of his rhos into her mouth, which she swallowed! He then shot another pulse into her mouth, this time; Galadriel let it dribble out onto her chin! The third pulse that he shot went all over her hair and eyes!
She crawled up to his neck and kissed him on his throat. He was exhausted from what he had just been put through. Galadriel got off of him, went to her bathroom, and got a towel. She wiped herself off, then came and cleaned Eregnov off from her juices.
“That was…Amazing!” She said as she came back into the bed with Eregnov.
“I know.” He replied. “You even squirted all over me!”
“Don’t you remember?”
“Yes, but I didn’t recognize it for what it was.” She replied.
“You seemed to have no problem with tasting your own juices, do you like them?” Eregnov asked out of curiosity.
“Of course I like them. I have always liked it.” She said. She then put her hand to her loth lips and stuck a finger into herself. She pulled it out and began to suck on it with passion, moaning as she did so!
She turned over to her stomach and laid her hand across Eregnov’s chest. She was asleep soon after.

The Rocky Storm, Then the Hurricane
When Eregnov awoke, he was laying in the soft bed of Galadriel. But she was nowhere to be found. She was out, obviously. So Eregnov decided to get up and make himself useful.
It was daytime as he saw it through the window. He got dressed, then went to the top side of the ship to find Galadriel. He first looked at the wheel, then at the captain’s chair to the back of the ship. He had no luck though.
When he was about to go back to his chambers, an Edhel maiden bumped against him. She at first apologized. “I am so sorry, sire. Forgi…” She was cut out of breath. She then bowed very low and praised Eregnov. “Milord Eregnov, I am sorry. Praise you and you power. Please don’t think the worse of me?”
Eregnov , not wanting to cause a seen, muttered in a low voice. “I am not Eregnov, do not praise me. Please get up.”
“No, I know my Lords when I see them. You are surely Lord Eregnov of Norway.” She then got up and kissed his hands. “You helped me get my daughter back when she was napped by raiders, remember, Milord! I know it is you.”
At this point, nobody had heard the conversation. “Okay, you are right!” He said quickly. “But I wish not to have my presence felt among this ship. I want to keep to myself. Will you keep this meeting to yourself?”
“I will do as you ask.” She said. “But I also say to you: I am now your servant. You may do with me as you wish. My name is Naurwen, Naurwen Mithedhel.”
“I thank you for your willingness, but I have no need for a servant.” Replied Eregnov.
“I will not take ‘No’ for an answer.” Naurwen said with passion.
People were starting to notice the conversation at the doorway, so Eregnov decided to bring her to his chambers. “Okay, we’ll discuss it in my chambers.” He lead her to the chambers where he and Galadriel had slept the night before.
“These are Lady Galadriel’s chambers.” Naurwen noticed right off.
“Another thing I wish you to keep to yourself for the time being. Please sit.” He motioned to the chair at the desk. “Now, you wish to become my servant. I have no need of one at this time. And the attention would be brought upon me, which I do not wish to have. And I wish to have Lady Galadriel under no doubt that I am faithful to her. I know I will not stray, but you may be a doubt in her mind.”
“So there is no way I can give you my services?” Naurwen asked.
“Not at this time. But I will speak with Galadriel about it when I see her.” Eregnov said. “But for now, just carry on as you have been.”
“I can handle that.” Naurwen said. “But I wish to be useful somewhat. Is there anything I can do for now?”
“No…Well, maybe.” Eregnov said. “Go to the kitchen and bring me a small bowl of cream sauce. It sounds meaningless, but I assure you it is for a good cause.”
“Okay!” Naurwen said excitedly. She rushed off and went to the kitchen.

Galadriel was walking back to her chambers when she saw Naurwen rushing from them. Galadriel was not a jealous person, but this was more than she could handle. She had given Eregnov her bed and body, and her heart, then he went and did this to her.
She stormed into the room and saw Eregnov sitting at the desk with paperwork all about him. “Oh, don’t even try to pull that!” Galadriel said argerly.
“Pull what?” Eregnov said. He didn’t know what she was talking about.
“Sit here like you were doing paperwork. I know that that girl was in here.” She fumed.
“Yes, she was. Her name was Naurwen, and she offered me her services, for I saved her daughter a while back, back in Norway. I told her I needed her services not. But she still wished to be at my service, so I sent her to bring me cream sauce from the kitchen. I will make her a small orb of seeing from it so I may contact her whenever I need her.” Eregnov explained. He had nothing to hide, for it was the truth.
“Will you go through a Spell of Truth to prove that?” Said Galadriel, still not believing him.
To Galadriel’s surprise, Eregnov replied. “Of course, I don’t have fear of that.”
This made Galadriel hesitant in wanting to question him further, but she had to know. “Okay, then come here and let me cast the spell upon you.” Eregnov complied. She put her hands upon his head and said in a calm voice the words of the spell.
For Eregnov, it was like a dream. He was very drousey and he heard things in an echo sort of way. He heard Galadriel ask her questions, and he was to answer by some force that was unknown to him.
He heard in a slow and drawn out voice. “What were your intentions with Naurwen?”
“To use her as best to my ability without drawing attention to my position. She would have let the whole ship know I was the Norwiegan Prinz had I not brung her back here and given her a mission.” Ereegnov said.
“Did you touch her in any way but non-sexually?” Asked Galadriel.
The answer was spoken quickly. “No!”
That was all Galadriel need to hear. She released her hands from Eregnov’s temple and replaced it with her arms around his neck. She embraced him tight and kissed him deeply on his lips. She had gotten her proof that Eregnov was faithful.
“I am so sorry for doubting you, lover.” Galadriel whispered into Eregnov’s ear. “I will not doubt you again. You are mine, and I yours. Even if you had had her, I would have eventually let go the anger and accepted you back.”
“Truly?” Eregnov asked.
“Truly!” Galadriel replied. “And I must say, she was quite attractive. I would have been jealous of you, not her.” She giggled. “Wanna have her together, if she is interested?”
Eregnov thought about that awhile. He knew he wanted to share Naurwen and Galadriel, but he also wanted no strife between the two. “Only if it is what you want. I will do it with you, if you will enjoy it, but if you are doing it for me, than no.”
“Okay.” Galadriel said. “I am doing it for both of us. I want you to know I am willing to let you do whatever you wish, and that I am open minded about joining.”
“But I don’t wish you to sleep with other men. So I will not sleep with another woman.” Eregnov said.
“I will not sleep with any other man except for you. But I wish to sleep with you and her.” Galadriel assured him.
Just at that time, they heard a bolt of thunder so loud it deafened them for a few seconds. “That was close!” Eregnov yelled, though right next to Galadriel. “There is a storm coming up very soon. Or it is already here.”
“I must get to the bridge, so I can give out orders.” Galdriel said, turnig to go. But Eregnov stopped her.
“I’ll go. I want you to stay here and wait for Naurwen. When she gets here, tell her to stay while you come to me.” He said.
“Okay.” She held him one last time and kissed him sweetly. “I’ll be there in a bit.”
Eregnov ran to the bridge. He sat down in the Captain’s chair and told the navigator to keep a steady pace, yet zig-zag to keep from getting blown over by the winds when they came. He looked out the window: it was pitch black, though only 5:00 in the afternoon.
The navigator then did a double take of him. “Hey, your not Galadriel!” He exclaimed.
“Really!” Said Eregnov sarchastically. “I am her consort, and the First Mate of this ship. I am Prinz Eregnov Nimraug of Norway.”
The navigator seemed taken aback. He then went about his duty. The helmsmen looked pale also. They were stunned to have two Royal members upon the ship.


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